K.A. Abbas (Director, Producer, Screenplay)
  • "Rahi" Khwaja Ahmad Abbas David Abraham . Dev Anand . Nalini Jaywant . Rashid Khan . Manmohan Krishnan . S. Michael . Achla Sachdev . Balraj Sahni . Habib Tanvir . K. Sethi Khwaja Ahmad Abbas Naya Sansar Khwaja Ahmad Abbas Anil Biswas

    “Rahi” was shot in Hindi and the English version was titled “The Wayfarer.” It was inspired by Mulk Raj Anand’s novel ‘Two Leaves and A Bud.’ The story centres around Dev Anand, an officer who quits the Army and is in search of a job. He reaches a tea garden in Assam and is appointed by the tyrannical English owners to supervise the workers. The owners also give him a whip to stop any protests from the workers. Dev Anand is loyal to his employers and proves a hard task master to the poor, exploited workers. One night when Dev Anand goes on his rounds to the residences of the workers, he is shocked to see a woman who he had reprimanded in the morning, mourning her dead child lying on her lap. The episode rankles him and he has a change of heart. The film’s screenplay and dialogues are by K.A. Abbas. The best moment of the film is the climax, when Balraj Sahni, a British doctor, shouts at the British his compatriots, the tea garden owners, when one of their bullets kills the heroine, Ganga (Nalini Jayant), “You fool, tum ne apne aap ko goli mara” “You fool, you have shot yourself.” The climax moments marks the beginning of the end of the British Raj