K.A. Abbas (Director, Producer, Screenplay)
"Munna" Khwaja Ahmad Abbas David Abraham . Sulochana Chatterjee . Jagdeep . Manju . Tripti Mitra . Madan Puri . Romi . Achla Sachdev . Shammi Khwaja Ahmad Abbas Naya Sansar Khwaja Ahmad Abbas Anil Biswas . Nakhshab Jarchavi (Lyrics)

Munna was the first film without songs. K A Abbas showed the film at the Edinburgh Film Festival where it was hailed as “the brightest picture of the Festival.” Later it was shown at London’s prestigious National Film Theatre along with Satyajit Ray’s “Pather Panchali” in a two-film programme to represent the New Cinema in India. At that time the following two comments were published in London papers:

“Abbas (is) India’s best director concerned with the social implications of his subjects” - The Times of London.

Paul Rotha, the eminent British film historian said, “In K.A. Abbas, India has a sensitive and highly intelligent director.”