Do Boond Pani

K.A. Abbas (Director, Producer, Story, Screenplay)
  • "Do Boond Pani " Khwaja Ahmad Abbas Jalal Aga . Simi Garewal . Kiran Kumar . Madhu Chanda . Kamal Raj . Sajjan Khwaja Ahmad Abbas Naya Sansar Khwaja Ahmad Abbas (Screenplay) Jaidev Verma . Kaifi Azmi (Lyrics) . Harsh Tyagi (Lyrics) . Balkavi Bairagi (Lyrics)

    Do Boond Pani was released in 1972. Abbas’story is about the desert people of Rajasthan who help to build an immense irrigation system. “It is a privilege for the Indian cinema to be the chronicler of this great and historic, dramatic and exciting, transformation”, Abbas wrote in his article ‘Social Realism in the Indian Cinema’ (Filmfare, June 2, 1972). With formidable settings, inspirational melodrama, and a magisterial score by Jaidev, the film was the most important of his later films.