K.A. Abbas (Story, Dialogue, Director, Producer)
155 mins
  • "Anhonee" Khwaja Ahmad Abbas Nargis . Raj Kapoor . Achla Sachdev . Om Prakash . Agha . David Abraham Khwaja Ahmad Abbas Naya Sansar Khwaja Ahmad Abbas (Story) . Mohsin Abdullah (Screenplay) Roshan . Ali Sardar Jafri (Lyrics) Ramachandra

    Anhonee is a 1952 Bollywood psychological drama film directed by K. A. Abbas. Nargis was highly appreciated for enacting a dual role and her performance garnered critical acclaim. Abbas attempted to explore two concepts—Geneticism and Determinism, a theme with which he experimented in Awara (1951).

    It was reported that Nargis had approached Abbas and requested him for a more substantial role in future. So he reworked the theme of environment and heredity, reversed the male-female roles, and wrote the script, along with lifelong associate V.P. Sathe, with some help from Mohsin Abdullah. So a new banner, Naya Sansar, was launched with a film called “Anhonee” (The Unlikely) with Raj Kapoor and Nargis in the lead. This was the first time in a Hindi film that the same actor was cast in a double role. And it was widely perceived that Nargis had outdone herself in this psychological drama, using contrasting body language and histrionics to essay the two diverse roles. This also marked the first occasion where an actor was cast in a dual role in a Hindi film.