Sardarji and other stories

byK.A. Abbas (Edited by Suresh Kohli)


The lyrical prose of writer, journalist and film director Khwaja Ahmad Abbas (1914-1987) easily lends itself to short stories. In Sardarji and Other Stories, a captivating collection, the protagonists of each tale are portrayed grappling with realities imposed upon them by an unrelenting historical churning that compels them to revisit their relationships with their cultural, spatial and psychological moorings. Communal riots, poverty, abjection, love and longing or renewed hopes and nascent dreams make this collection an incisive and moving portrayal of the human condition.

  • This Khwaja Ahmad Abbas collection includes some of the best short stories ever penned down by the author, journalist and film director
  • Each of the stories selected for this volume gives a glimpse into the mind and works of this legendary writer
  • Encompasses a variety of themes that readers can easily identify with.
  • Includes the last interview with Abbas about his last film, Ek Aadmi.

Book Information

Book TitleSardarji and other stories
AuthorK.A. Abbas (Edited by Suresh Kohli)
OCLC Number889666688
PublisherOm Books International
Publication Year2014
No of Pages246Pages